Decor Debacle! Is This Week’s Most Popular Home the Weirdest Ever?

Most popular homes of the week 5/21

A Pennsylvania home filled with eclectic decor choices rocketed to the top of this week’s most popular homes on®.

Sedate from the exterior, but unlike anything we’ve ever seen on the interior, the home’s wild listing photos caused a click storm online.

The home’s outlandish interiors sprang from the mind of homeowner John Cope. According to the home’s listing agent, Cope desired to design the party pad of his dreams.

Highlights include a dining room designed . . .  Read more >

Home Run! Dustin Pedroia’s Mansion Is This Week’s Most Popular Home

Sliding in with the winning run, a Massachusetts mansion owned by erstwhile Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia was this week’s most popular home on®.

The two-time World Series champ is likely to have played his last game for the Sox, due to his lingering knee injuries. News of the house hitting the market sparked chatter throughout Red Sox nation, and curious fans clicked like crazy to see Pedroia’s place for themselves.

Besides the home of a baseball great, you . . .  Read more >

Storybook Tudor With a Secret Garden in Kansas City Is the Week’s Most Popular Home

Open houses and public showings have slowed as the result of the country’s public health crisis, but we’re thrilled to find plenty of home shoppers still on the hunt for the perfect property.

A fairy-tale farmhouse in Kansas City, MO, charmed up enough clicks to earn it the title of this week’s most popular home on®. Because what’s more calming than a fairy-tale farmhouse?

This standout storybook-style home in the Midwest is a  . . .  Read more >

You Swooned Over a Victorian! Historic Omaha Home Is the Week’s Most Popular Place

An elegant piece of Omaha history is this week’s most popular home on®. After a complete exterior face-lift, the national landmark known as the Edgar Zabriskie Home landed on the market and racked up tons of clicks.

Built in 1889 by a Civil War veteran, Edgar Zabriskie, the blue Queen Anne beauty offers oodles of timeless charm. At 131 . . .  Read more >

Must-See Green Time-Capsule Condo Is the Week’s Most Popular Home

A colorful condo that’s been essentially uninhabited since 1974 is this week’s most popular home on®. Decked out in groovy shades of green, the one-of-a-kind time capsule mesmerized us, and we wrote about it last week.

Apparently you were equally impressed—your clicks propelled this ’70s hit to the top of the charts. The listing agent for the leisure suit-come-to-life pad was also aware of the intense interest.

“Since I posted the link to the article on my . . .  Read more >

The Week’s Most Popular Home Is a Mansion That’s Never Been Lived In—and You Won’t Believe Why

most popular homes February 14 2020

An art-stuffed mansion in Illinois is this week’s most popular home on®. And as if its 9,721 square feet of extreme opulence weren’t enough, the enormous residence comes complete with a shocking twist.

Built in 2002, the $ 2.9 million home has been used exclusively to house the owners’ extensive art collection—and has never been lived in. Two decades later, it’s like buying a brand-new home.

The odd backstory and colorful art in the home’s listing photos . . .  Read more >

Affordable Awesomeness: Gorgeous Green A-Frame Is the Week’s Most Popular Home

A green double A-frame house in Connecticut looks as if it has stepped straight out of an Alpine fairy tale. The home’s obvious charms, plus a surprisingly affordable $ 279,000 price tag, helped it climb up the leaderboard and wind up as the most popular home this week on®.

Anyone who ever dreamed of escaping to a quiet cottage in the woods must see this cool charmer, which features a rear wall of windows, wood paneling, and unique nooks and crannies that come courtesy of that . . .  Read more >

Spanks for the Memories: 2019’s 10 Most Popular Homes

As we wrap up another fascinating year in real estate, we like to look back on the homes that made you click the most in 2019. We counted all of your clicks to come up with the 10 most popular homes of the year on®.

The resulting list ran the gamut. There was the salacious (the sedate suburban home harboring a BDSM dungeon), the hilarious (the lonely chair of NHL star Phil Kessel in the middle of his home theater), and the mind-blowing (a bunker sunk 26 feet beneath Las Vegas).

And, . . .  Read more >

Funny How Joe Pesci’s Jersey Mansion Is the Week’s Most Popular Home

When Joe Pesci makes a move, wiseguys pay attention. The legendary actor amused real estate watchers this week by listing his waterfront mansion along the Jersey Shore for $ 6.5 million. Crowds flocked to see the Oscar-winning actor’s residence—easily making it the most popular home of the week on®.

The custom bayside estate is seriously conspicuous—a massive, white contemporary mansion perched prominently on the water.

Pesci has owned the eight-bedroom place since 1994, when . . .  Read more >

Save the Pink House! Colorful Chicago Victorian Is the Week’s Most Popular Home

The shade of a shocking pink-and-white house in Chicago has been likened to Pepto Bismol, Barbie, and bubble gum. Now, this blush landmark in the Windy City has charmed up enough clicks to be named this week’s most popular home.

According to the Chicago Tribune, when the Andersen family bought the home in 1986, it was actually . . .  Read more >